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Realtime sits in a unique place in the payment lifecycle, providing cross-border, low value payment disbursements. The prospects for our business is compelling because of four primary reasons: 1. The incumbant process is broken. 2. Our target market is massive. 3. Our market is underserved. 4. Our competitors are our clients.

Our strategic vision is to power a global payment network that allows clients to reach any account, in any country, in any currency through one connection, with world-class compliance, exceptional resilience and optimized routing for price and fastest speed possible. We deliver ‘future-proof’ solutions as a payment enabler between players and beneficiaries.

We Know Payments

We enable your business to send all sorts of payments, including:

Bill Payments

Trade Related

Pension and Payroll

Global Remittance

P2P Payments

Expense Payouts

Accounts Payable

Ecommerce and
Royalty Payments